Marathon preparation

With my first marathon only days away, I took a piece of advice from one of the coaches of the running club I’m sorta part of very seriously… to prepare for the race and take care of as much stuff well in advance of race day as possible. So that is exactly what I’ve been doing the last 24 hours and will continue to do the next 24 hours…

To fully prepare myself I spent the last two days doing the following:

  • sent Katie and Dave the Saturday schedule:
    • pick up Katie at 12:45
    • check in to hotel by 3:00
    • go to expo at 4:00
    • dinner at 6:45
  • got my haircut (so I don’t overheat and get an itchy head)
  • filled the car with gas (so we don’t have to deal with it before or even after the race)
  • cut my toenails
  • went to work and sent a few emails (so I won’t think about work at all until well after the race is over)
  • bought a case of Gatorade (to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate all weekend)
  • bought Gu (for race day fuel)
  • finalized my playlist
  • synced and charged my iPod
  • picked out two race day outfits to pack including sweat bands, arm warmers and Road ID bracelet
  • made a dinner reservation near the hotel for Saturday night
  • bought Saturday night snacks
  • bought Sunday morning pre-race breakfast supplies
  • bought a new running belt to carry my Gu and hotel room key
  • did two loads of laundry
  • took Booger to the vet to have his anal glands expressed so he has an enjoyable weekend traveling with us
  • ran one last 2 mile run!

I think I’m ready!

2 responses to “Marathon preparation

  1. Love the schedule break-down! You are most certainly ready, my friend. See you in a bit!

  2. Good luck! And don’t forget the post-race massage!

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