Instagram Obsesstagram

When I was in New York last week I took a small adventure over to Brooklyn to get cheap Broadway tickets at the TKTS booth which magically never has lines (compared to the Times Square booth where people wait HOURS). Rather than take the dependable, but infamous New York subway back to Manhattan, I decided to do as the tourists do, and as I’ve never done, and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Manhattan Bridge and the Empire State Building from the Brooklyn Bridge

It took a little creative navigation to get from where I was in downtown Brooklyn to the on-ramp and walking path on the bridge, but when I finally found my way I was rewarded with a bustling and beautiful day on one of America’s most famous and iconic landmarks. It was sunny, 60 and I had no reason to complain.

I was snapping pictures left and right with my iPhone and suddenly got the bright idea to fancy up some of my photos with my newly downloaded photo app Instagram, a fun and free iPhone program for putting effects and filters on your snapshots.

At one point I was taking pictures at certain angles and in certain light just to maximize my Instagram potential. I admit, I started to become obsessed with trying to put together the perfect Brooklyn Bridge photo.

Eventually I made it all the way across the bridge, was back in Manhattan (ready to stalk Joy on Foursquare who was in town from Maine) and had more than enough photos of the Brooklyn Bridge for one lifetime, with at least half of those featuring borderline cheesy 1970s discolored and aged out photo filters.

It was a fun artistic distraction and made my walk across the Brooklyn Bridge even more memorable. Forget the fact that I’m now I’m obsessed with Instagram (as you might have noticed from my Broadway photos on Tuesday).

3 responses to “Instagram Obsesstagram

  1. Great photos! Just don’t post them all on flickr or you’ll get mad at yourself 🙂

  2. Katie Carroll


  3. Love it!

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