My Racepoint retrospective

I’ve officially been a Dolby employee for 1 year today. Which means it’s been over a year since I left my memorable 3.5 year stint at Racepoint Group. It feels like a great time to reflect back on not only the great experience I gained at Racepoint, but more importantly, the great friendships I made (not to mention all the friendships I made through these friendships). In no particular order…

Raymond and Marcelo

Lucie, Yuli, Marcelo and RPG intern Nene

Yuli and Marcelo

Colleen, Jade, Zrinka


Nicole, Marcelo, Jade, Boomer

Jade, Yuli, Meagan

Boomer and Meagan



Meagan, Marcelo, Kersti

Meagan and Nicole


9 responses to “My Racepoint retrospective

  1. I heart this!!!

  2. I’m sure you fully expected me to say this, but… there aren’t nearly enough pictures of me on here!

  3. haha yes yes. I am hoping this doesn’t turn political because there are 23 pictures of Meagan and Marcelo. They just always end up squeezing into pictures. 🙂

  4. Why oh why wasn’t I around when Nene was an intern?!? I mis yuo.

  5. Yea for reminiscing! Great seeing you last month…wasn’t long enough though 🙂

  6. Sweet! And congrats on your Dolby 1-year! Can’t imagine work without you!

  7. I love this a lot! But there aren’t enough pictures of me 😦

  8. Katie Carroll

    so cute; congrats on your anniversary, D!

  9. Love this and totally agree, we made a lot of great friendships at RPG 🙂 Miss you.

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