Sore, achy, tired, but almost ready

With one month left until my first marathon, I’m really starting to notice the toll that training is taking on my body. As I venture into the world of 18 mile long runs and multiple 5 mile runs during the week, I am aching. My left ankle is sore all the time, my right knee that used to act up hints at trouble on long runs and the rest of my body, particularly my neck, back and obviously legs, are tight and sore. I’m making an effort to stretch a lot more in hope of staying healthy and fit these last 4 weeks.

4 responses to “Sore, achy, tired, but almost ready

  1. The foam roller is your best friend.

  2. Katie Carroll

    you can do it. try to hit up a yoga class or two and make an appointment to get yourself a massage. you’re on the home stretch, homeslice! xoxo Katie

  3. Not much longer, you are doing great. If you give up you won’t get to eat all the cupcakes you want!

  4. as the saying goes…no pain no gain. You’re doing great, not long to go. xoxox

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