Newspapers for keeps

I was a freshman at Michigan State University on September 11, 2001. I was living in the dorms with an awful roommate (soon to be swapped for the awesome Drew). We had all just moved away from home for the first time since high school graduation so it was still an awkward time. I woke up that morning to the phone ringing. My friend Karey from high school was calling to ask if I was watching TV and if I seeing what was happening. I turned on my TV and we just sort of sat on the phone in silence while watching one of the planes fly into one of the World Trade Center Towers. What happened immediately after that was a blur, but at some point around 11 or 12, I stumbled down a few floors to class (I was going to a residential college my first semester at MSU, so our main classes were in the same building as our dorms). Everyone was just wandering around, in and out of the classroom wondering what was going on. Eventually our professor showed up and for whatever reason, he was clueless. He had no idea what was going on and he proceeded to teach class as if everything was normal. We all kept looking at each other strangely wondering if he was nuts, did he really not think what was happening was a big deal? Weren’t we in some sort of undergraduate program devoted to politics and world affairs? Shouldn’t we be talking about this? Class went on as usual and as soon as the 50 minute session was over we all ran back to our rooms and to the common area with the big screen TV to continue watching the saga unfold in New York City.

For some reason, that day and the day after, I picked up a few copies of the various newspapers that were given out for free at my nerdy, glorified-political-science-residential college (which I eventually fled for the Communications college).

When I was back in Michigan last month, cleaning out my old room (a never ending saga), I found the newspapers that I saved from that crazy week in 2001. I pulled them out, admired them a little, reminisced about that day… and snapped a few pictures on my iPhone.

The New York Times, September 11 - Forgotten headlines, who remembers anything about what was being reported that day before it all happened?

Financial Times, September 12 - The day after, I appreciate the sub-heads the most... Bush Vows Revenge... have we gotten it yet? Still waiting.

The State News, September 12 - The campus newspaper, one of the best in the country, where I went on to work for 3 years. One of best jobs of a lifetime.

The New York Times, September 13 - The real reporting begins.


2 responses to “Newspapers for keeps

  1. What a great way to remember the headlines. That would make a great website where you can select the date and the newspaper and see an image of the paper that day…..

  2. I remember calling you right after the first plane hit too, it was absolutetly terrifying and you said Mom, “WTH is going on??” It was so scarey.

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