Copy machine gems > #2

A few weeks ago I started a new blog post series that was going to be called “Don’t you just love it when…” and I started with a funny print out left at the copy machine at work. “Don’t you just love it when people leaving embarrassing things at the printer.” Well, I haven’t really had much luck identifying other instances of times when you should just love something… so I’m going to try to make a copy machine discovery post series out of this instead.

Here’s an interesting find from the copy room today… any thoughts or stories on why someone printed this lovely image out full size? 🙂

2 responses to “Copy machine gems > #2

  1. (a) some at work is trying to moonlight as a model, thus the headshot
    (b) someone really loves this guy and wants to have a large photo of him in their cubicle
    (c) someone really hates this guys and wants to throw darts at this photo

  2. hehehe.

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