Doin’ it for Bessy

Someone could be persuaded

When I have questions about something I want to do or something I want to eat, lately I’ve been asking myself, “what would occur naturally?” This has been helping guide me.  The litmus test is sort like this, “Would a caveman have eaten this Big Mac?” Sometimes the answer is no. “Would a caveman have run a marathon?” And sometimes the answer is maybe, yes.

This weekend when Dave, Katie and I were camping in Yosemite the topic of milk came up. I don’t remember what on earth we were discussing but it started getting me thinking about how many cows must have to be milked to produce as much milk as we drink in this world. And I thought about all those miserable cows getting milked their entire life. And I started to think of my litmus test…

Did caveman drank milk?

No, cavemen did not milk cows and therefore did not drink milk. Therefore, I should probably not drink milk.

I made my case to Katie and Dave that I wanted to stop drinking cows milk. Transitioning to soy milk, almond milk or rice milk will be difficult yes, but to be honest, so was switching to Diet Coke for Dave and I. But we did, and now that’s what we prefer. I think the same thing can happen with milk.

No more cows milk.

Anyone with me?

8 responses to “Doin’ it for Bessy

  1. Go with original (not vanilla) light soy milk. It’s delicious, even for a kid from the Midwest. Almond milk is great too, but it’s better as a rare treat. Neither, however, do the trick for coffee. If you put cream or milk in you coffee, best make it bovine.

    Hope all is well out in the Bay. Also, I’m interested to hear if cavemen would have manufactured and drunk soy milk.

  2. @jp – haha, crap. you’re right.

  3. While the caveman would not have eaten a Big Mac, he would have eaten the parts of it that are single ingredients: beef, lettuce, tomato, and onions. (Though maybe not the tomato, as it is a New World food.)

    You are correct that they didn’t milk cows, but soy milk isn’t an acceptable alternative. They didn’t eat beans. They are not really edible raw. They are filled with anti-nutrients. A simple search will find many negatives to soy consumption.

    Nor did they eat grains, so no rice milk. Almonds would have been a food, but all the other ingredients in commercial almond milk were not. Besides water, about the only paleo beverage would have been coconut water. It is simply the water from inside young coconuts.

  4. @Don Wiss: OK, OK – my litmus test is flawed. My caveman approach does not really represent the point I was trying to make. I guess this is more about relieving the stress on all those poor cows out there. Of course, I should become a vegetarian or a vegan but I’m comfortable eating meat because I think it’s something natural for our bodies. On the other hand, milk is not something humans are naturally intended to drink.

  5. I have never been much of a milk drinker, but I did do the switch to soy last year for my coffee, etc. But I just spent the weekend in NYC with two health-freak girlfriends who shocked me with the following info:

    “Tofu is nearly impossible to digest. Because it has the highest amount of phytic acid of any legume or grain.
    If it is fermented, the phytic acid is broken down and you can handle it – so tempeh, nato beans, real brewed soy sauce, miso – all okay.
    tofu, edamame, soy milk/icecream, etc. NOT OKAY. isolated soy protein – NOT OKAY.”

    So now I don’t know WHAT to think!

  6. “The teat cups are attached to the cow’s teats, then the cups alternate between vacuum and normal air pressure to extract the milk. ” Thanks Wikipedia! Mmm!

    I’m curious to hear your stance on ice cream and other delights (whipped cream! clotted cream! creme fraiche!) that come to us via teat cups. I’ve broken up with Dairy before and found the milk easy to forgo, but the there is something deeply unsatisfying about soy cheese or rice milk “ice cream.” I ultimately resolved my dairy dilemma by only buying organic. It’s healthier, and the guilt magically evaporates with that one little word.

    But it’s certainly worth trying. I think Vitasoy brand is the the best tasting if you’re going to go for it. Great mouthfeel and a nice flavor.

    For further reading about cavemen: I like this thinking to a point; while emulating prehistoric diets can get us back in touch with what our bodies are meant to eat, I feel like a hypocrite as soon as I take an aspirin, pop in my contact lenses, or enjoy any of the other luxuries that progress brings. We figured out that we can drink milk because we’re smart, right?

    I recall something about Europeans becoming milk fans it after they domesticated animals, because of low sunlight and lack of vitamin D. Nordic countries luurve their cheese and butter but I would struggle to name a tropical fromage.

    I don’t know. I’m going to be really confused when food starts coming in pill form.

  7. “what would occur naturally?”
    Interesting topic I think your on to something without the whole cavemen thing. There was comment about how our body’s are capable of eating meat but not milk. Well techically we are not carnivores other wise our teeth would be sharper, like that of carnivorous animals. Not that I don’t enjoy a good hamburger now and again. On the milk topic we are not suppose to keep drinking milk past drinking good old mothers milk. I am not completely sure why but milk actualy hurts our body’s more than it helps. If you want to know a good diet trick juice some apples and carrots a cup of each a day would be a start, it helps with energy, it just good for us.

  8. Milk? Papi? Mami? Just drink/eat whatever you like best, forget about what the cavemen did!

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