Trip report: Yosemite, September 2010

This weekend, Derek & Dave’s lack of Yosemite adventures this year combined with Katie’s lack of Yosemite adventures ever made for a fun filled trip to the glorious National Park.

Welcome to one of my favorite places

We ventured up late Friday night (with a delicious Wendy’s pit stop along the way) and after struggling to find a campsite (first come, first serve is always risky business) landed ourselves a spot at Porcupine Flat. We set up camp, made a quick fire, attempted to warm up and then hit the sack. It ended up being a bitter cold night (elevation: 8,000 feet+) and we all struggled to sleep well.

Katie & Dave at May Lake

Saturday morning we rolled out of our tents at about 10 AM (we all got our best sleep from 6 – 10 AM as the sun was warming up), enjoyed some delicious butterscotch pancakes and jetted out to the May Lake trail head for our afternoon hike. We made it quickly up to May Lake and then after fueling up with mucky water, we forged up to the summit of Mt. Hoffman (10,850 ft).

It ended up being a more challenging hike than expected but after scrambling our way up the last 100 feet, we were treated with an amazing 360 degree view of Yosemite. Not a bad way to introduce Katie to the park (even though she declared the granite landscape lackluster!!).

Derek atop Mount Hoffman

At the top we enjoyed turkey wraps (fixed up with Baconnaisse), partook in power naps and then hobbled back down the mountain. After a quick side trip to Tuolumne Meadows for a fresh supply of H2O for the night, we parked our butts at our campsite, made quesadilla pizzas, binged on cookies and enjoyed a nice, warm camp fire.

After a slightly warmer second night, we packed up and hit the road for the long drive to Glacier Point. We took in the great view of Yosemite Valley, ate our lunch, took pictures, threatened to beat up an over zealous squirrel and then hit the road for the long ride back to San Francisco.

Katie taking in the views at Glacier Point

Overall it was a great (but quick feeling) trip with great company, conversation and food. Hopefully Katie enjoyed her first trip to Yosemite!

3 responses to “Trip report: Yosemite, September 2010

  1. Love it, looks like a brilliant trip! The next time I come to San Francisco I want to go on a hiking trip too. I promise to bring sensible footwear and everything.

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