Aeropuerto emptiness

Is anybody workin' here?

By no means am I the world’s most frequent traveler. But I do my fair share of flying, averaging about one round trip every month or so it seems. I’m kind of surprised then, that I just now had my first overnight, stranded-at-the-airport experience.

After several delays in Grand Rapids, I missed my connecting flight (which was the last of the night) from Minneapolis to San Francisco by about 5 minutes. (I ran across the airport after landing only to watch my plane push back from the gate and cruise into the moonlight.)

The next flight out? 7:15 am the next morning… an approximately 9 hour, overnight layover. ugh. I called a few hotels nearby but they were all sold out. So I accepted my fate and settled in for the night.

Rather than immediately try to go to sleep on what we all know is bound to be one of the most uncomfortable make shift beds (you know the rows and rows of airport waiting seats), I decided to boot up the old laptop and do some work.

To my surprise, the conditions yielded great amounts of productivity. I uploaded about a hundred pictures from my iPhone to Flickr, put a nice dent in my post-vacation inbox, teed up a few new blog posts, caught up on Facebook and started planning a weekend camping trip.

Who knew a creepily dead airport at 2 am would be such a great workspace?

(Author’s note: This post was gleefully written at 4:44 am with 2.5 more hours of waiting on the horizon, followed by a 3.5 hour flight AND a full day of work ahead.)

4 responses to “Aeropuerto emptiness

  1. you never cease to amaze me!!!

  2. I love you.

  3. I have never seen an airport empty like that! How come they did sponsor you for a hotel for the night? Glad you were so productive, did you eventually fall asleep?

  4. Love the “is anybody working here?” hahaha

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