Conversation piece

If you know me even a little, you certainly are familiar with my minor monkey fetish. I like to read about monkeys (even monkey biographies), I like to watch tv shows about monkeys (Orangutan Island is the best) and I’ve been known to use my fair share of monkey paraphernalia in the decorating of my apartment.

Work is certainly not immune to monkey madness. Shortly after starting
my job at Dolby, I broke my favorite (and hand-painted) coffee cup. I schlepped to nearby Pier 1 and found the perfect replacement.

It has since become quite a conversation piece on the job. My coworkers have an unexpected fascination with this mug and it’s led to many joyful discussions while fueling up on espressos and cappuccinos. (Certainly to the dismay of my coworker Brian who was with me when I purchased the mug. The best he could score was a cow udder mug, which as you can imagine became a hit in its own right.)

Are you influenced in your purchase making decisions over whether or not something will be a conversation piece? I think it can be fun. Everyone needs at least a great coffee table book. (We have several. Including, as you might assume, at least two monkey ones.)

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