Trip report: New York, New York

Coming in for a landing!

I spent the better part of the past week in New York City for a work event. This was my third visit to the Big Apple this year, but it was by far my favorite trip. I left the last two stays with a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth and very uninterested in the city overall (it was hot, I didn’t go out, I was lazy). This time around however, I sorta feel in love with the city. I don’t think there was one or two particular thing about this visit that made it a stand out trip, rather the compilation of many positive factors.

Evening run around Central Park

First of all, I was traveling with great company (Kevin and Whitney from my team at work) and we spent quite a bit of time out enjoying nightlife, including time in fun neighborhoods like the West Village, Chelsea and the Meatpacking District, with plenty of chill time at fun places like the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, a few random gay bars and an awesome bar with Jenga tournaments.

Second, the weather was beautiful (oh, except for those tornado warnings in Brooklyn on Thursday night).  Third, I loved my hotel location (Midtown this time, versus Gramercy Park and SoHo the last two times). I took advantage of my proximity to Central Park (and the great weather!) and did some great mid-week runs.

My favorite NYC pastime!

Fourth, quality time with Meagan is always great, especially because it’s so easy to convince her to see Broadway shows with me. This time around we saw A Little Night Music starring Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch and it was great. I had no desire to see this show when Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Lansbury were in it but Bernadette and Elaine were  a big draw (justifiably so). If you are a discount ticket fan, I highly recommend getting TKTS tickets from the Brooklyn booth. Times Square is always packed and the South Street Seaport location is hard to get to. The Brooklyn booth is two subway stops past where you’d get off for South Street Seaport and there was no line when I went on a Thursday afternoon.

Frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity

And finally, it’s especially awesome when Meagan is down for hitting up tick-tackity tourist traps like Serendity 3. Not only was the service awful but the prices were completely out of whack, the food was not that great and they sold some really stupid crap in their little gift shop.

The big takeaway from the whole trip was that this city and the people that live here really never do sleep (and I question whether the people actually work). I know its an overused saying but I’ve always carried with me this story of when Dave and my sister came here in 2001. We stayed in Murray Hill and we got back to our hotel late one night after a show or day of touristy activity and couldn’t find a  single open pizza place nearby. This made me question that whole “city that never sleeps” mantra. No one that lives here ever believes that story but I swear it’s true. This time around I spent more time out late into the night (and in a few instances early into the morning) and I can definitely say that people are out and about until the very wee hours and there are pizza places open at single digit hours… during the middle of the week, no less.

Overall it was an amazing 4 day stay and I look forward to coming back very soon and continuing my explorations!

5 responses to “Trip report: New York, New York

  1. I’m so glad you finally see what I love about NYC! There are def annoyances, but once you get past them it’s such a great city. So much fun with you, can’t wait to see you again soon 🙂

  2. So how are you taking that picture while landing? all electronic devices should be in the off position.

    glad you had a great time. NYC is tick-tackity awesome 😉

  3. @Glen- we could still have phones on in airplane mode!

  4. Glad you had fun, I will be there next weekend, can’t wait!

  5. Really great post, D! I love New York!

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