Live show: Scissor Sisters

Last night, I was lucky enough to experience the Scissor Sisters live at the Fox Theater in Oakland. They were in town a few years ago (wow, have I really lived in SF that long!) but dropped the ball and missed them then. It was one of the few shows from the last several years that I regret missing so I made a point to attend this show.

I’ve always loved their music but I have a whole new respect for them after last night’s show. They are amazing performers, artists and entertainers.

With so many live shows I’ve been to, fans want to hear the radio hits and usually bands oblige. These songs often have the most energy but usually you can tell the band is tired of playing them. What I was impressed with from the Scissor Sisters is that they completely blew the audience away with their new material, particularly for me with the second song of the encore, Invisible Light. Talk about crazy energy that rivaled some of the best live DJ sets I’ve experienced.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a Scissor Sisters song I encourage you to check out their new album, Night Work. (I read an interview with Jake Shears where he described the album as a celebration of New York City night life – how can you go wrong with that sort of inspiration?) And if you are a legit fan, make a point to see them live someday (too bad their U.S. tour is winding down).

Take it from me, they are the real deal. One of the few bands out there that can really deliver an amazing show.

Also worth noting, Casey Spooner (of Fisherspooner) was the opener and he’s completely awesome as well. I hadn’t heard much of his stuff before but he’s completely unique and I expect big things from him in the future.

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