How to: Share photos online

This isn’t really a how-to because it’s less instructional and more about my own preferences. (If you want to call a spade a spade, this is basically a rant.)

One thing I observed once from my friend Pete Johnson is, that when it comes to photography, sharing photos online and showcasing your memories, less is more.

Instead of doing a mass dump of your photos on to Facebook or Flickr, spend some time choosing your best shots. While you can certainly upload all your photos to  whatever site you use, when you create an album that you want people to browse through, at least go through and pick the best.

People (me) are reluctant to spend time browsing through 200 photos of your cousin’s wedding, especially when you’ve got 10 slightly different versions of the same bridal party shot.

Before anyone goes out and scours my Flickr page to call me out on my own offenses, I will admit that I have not always uploaded with an editing eye. Just for fun, I scoured my own photostream and thought I would share three instances of being guilty-as-charged:

Close up, flash FAIL

Less than impressive dolphin watching

Pointless skydiving

2 responses to “How to: Share photos online

  1. hahahaha, love this! I’m sure this post is partially directed towards me and my flickr page 🙂

  2. Katie Carroll

    ….and me. I’m hesitant to embrace this practice for Flickr specifically because I consider it to serve as my “back-up” for all of the photos I take. [and we all know I take a sh_t ton of photos!]

    One thing’s for sure: I definitely edit when it comes to Facebook, without question.

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