Trip report: Trinity Alps

This weekend for the extended Labor Day break, Dave and I decided to venture up north to the Trinity Alps Wilderness for a backpacking trip. We had never been up there and have been looking for new areas to explore.

We made the 5 hour drive up to the Redding area (with some fun truck stop exploration along the way), had some Taco Bell for dinner (yum!) and ended up in Weaverville, CA and grabbed a room at the Motel Trinity (we are modest and underpaid). We discovered the next morning when we were driving through, that Weaverville is a very cool and very cute little gold rush town (we also love Nevada City on the way to Tahoe).

We hit the trail and ended up covering 16.5 miles round trip over the course of three days, pretty easily. We climbed about 3,500 feet, visited several waterfalls, camped by Upper Canyon Creek Lake the first night and along the Creek itself the second. We scrambled up to L Lake for a day hike and made lots of delicious food (pizza quesadillas, tortilla soup, pudding Oreo desserts).

We had a great time and I’m happy to report that I took lots of pictures! I’m glad I did, documenting a few mini-adventures that we might have otherwise forgotten about (jumping into the freezing cold water fall, draining the left over tortilla soup in a bag, finding a killer campsite along the creek).

Unfortunately, backpacking season is almost over so we might not end up doing another trip this year. I’m glad we finally made it out and I think this will just make us wanting to get out there early next year.

2 responses to “Trip report: Trinity Alps

  1. Lovely! Sounds like you had lots of fun, and the pictures are fab.

    I find it slightly disconcerting though that when I hover over the hyperlinks for your photo stream, the ad links offered include ‘canopy tours’ and ‘vaginoplasty’. I’ll take the canopy tour, please!


  2. Loved all the pictures and info.

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