Life without your own photos

The last two years have been the best yet in my five years in San Francisco. Unfortunately, I’ve done a horrible job at documenting these good times. I have barely used my own camera. The last time I uploaded photos to Flickr was after my road trip with Meagan in Oct. 2009.

Fortunately, a lot of my friends are photo-takers. So a lot of photographs from the last 2 years do exist. Unfortunately, they’re mostly on Facebook. Which is not the easiest place to download, print or store. Fortunately, I don’t see Facebook going anywhere anytime soon, and I’m sure they’ll improve the photo system.


Anyway. While I’m certainly going to make a resolution to take many more photos in 2011, I can’t wait to start until January. I am going to start now. This weekend. Labor Day.  Stay tuned. More photos from life coming soon.

2 responses to “Life without your own photos

  1. Yay! Love them pictures.

  2. I love them pictures too 🙂

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