Said a marathon finisher

I recently joined the Golden Gate Running Club and while it’s been a little challenging trying to crack into this very close-knit group, I’ve found an unexpected pleasure and perk that wasn’t advertised through the joining process… marathon race reports on the club’s Yahoo! Group. Now that I am officially training for my first marathon, I’ve become obsessed reading the reports of marathon experiences by members right after their race.

Here are some exceptional excerpts from some 2008 and 2009 CIM finishers that I’d like to keep handy throughout my training. (And keep in mind that these are real marathon runners… not the new breed of 6 hour finishers.)

“This was by far the most physically painful race I have ever run.”

“The main goal was to finish well. The only time I lost it was seeing the 26 mile marker and feeling that I just wanted to stop and be done with this and sit in front of a heater.”

“I know many of us understand the feeling of training well and something not going right in a race and trying to finish seems more of a dejection than anything else.”

“I knew during this stretch that 2:40 was gone and I was going through a mental game of up and down.”

“I wouldn’t say I hit the wall after mile 20 but I would say that it became a massive struggle.”

“By mile 18 my right knee was screaming and I could hardly bend it. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that the faster I ran, the sooner it would be done.”

“I have to say that for me this was the hardest race of my life.”

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