Lost but not forgotten

Almost two years ago I embarked on an amazing road trip across the country with one of my best friends, Meagan. While on the trip I tried not to spend a ton of money on souvenirs, knick knacks and tschotskes, and instead to focus my energy (and $) on finding stickers from memorable locations to create a fun sticker-covered, road trip-themed Nalgene bottle. It ended up turning out better than I had anticipated and I fell in love with my creation.

I used this very special water bottle frequently until about a year ago it got left at a Yoga studio after a session. My friend that I went to Yoga with said they’d pick it up the next day for me since they lived nearby. But they never did. (They actually had told me that week that they DID pick it up, so I stopped worrying about it… and then when I was at their house a few weeks later I asked for it and they admitted they never picked it up. Had I known they hadn’t picked it up I most definitely would have made a special trip to go get it.) So I was obviously bummed that it was long gone.

I promised myself I wouldn’t get too upset about the lost bottle. It obviously had a lot of sentimental value.. but at the end of the day it was just an object… right? Just a water bottle. And at the end of the day I will always have pictures, stories and memories of the road trip. Who needs a thing when you have all that?

And now with its very own blog post, the memory of the great road trip Nalgene will live on forever.

Have you ever dwelled over a lost item? I remember dwelling a lot more when I was younger. As we get older is it easier to let go of lost things?

5 responses to “Lost but not forgotten

  1. I can’t believe you lost it 😦 Guess that just means another road trip is in order then, right? Love this!

  2. Yes…I have. I lost a little “Hot Wheels” size semi-truck with a Hawaiian Punch logo on the side. I loved playing with that little car. Lost it on the playground when I was little. Still bugs me.

    Also..lost a Nalgene on Mt. Brown in Glacier Nat’l Park. Tumbled down a slope right in front of me. I still think about looking for it.

  3. Aww…what did you dwell on son???

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