Running off the clock

Several of my personal and professional passions collided this week. Planning, organizing, mobilizing, communicating, gathering and running!

Over the three weeks I’ve spent what little spare time I’ve had at work organizing a team of Dolby runners to participate in the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge, a 3.5 mile race in downtown SF for local companies, raising money for the local YMCA. The event attracted more than 6,000 runners and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to have 30 coworkers come out to run and represent our awesome company.

I had a blast, think all my coworkers did too and found the experience of getting folks out to run together extremely inspiring. It was rewarding not just motivating people to come out and run but getting an extremely diverse group of Dolby employees together, getting to know people they normally wouldn’t interact with. We had runners from HR, marketing, finance, engineering, business development, legal and facilities – nearly every corner of the company.

The whole experience got me thinking about the possibilities of combining my personal and professional passions to create a completely different career. Just last weekend my friend Katie asked me what my dream job might be if money and experiences weren’t considerations.

I didn’t really have a solid answer but now I’m thinking being the director of a big annual race or race series might be something I could start fantasizing about. What other sort of job would make use of my professional experience in event planning, PR, promotion and fundraising, along with my new found obsession with fitness and running. It’s hard to imagine not running a race but maybe I should start sitting a few out in exchange for some volunteering and race planning experience. Who knows…

2 responses to “Running off the clock

  1. Congrats on pulling off a great event!

  2. Great job Derek!!

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