Jerry Brown, I have my doubts

It’s a big election year in California. Arnold is on his way out and we’re on the hunt for a new Governor. On one side we’ve got the former eBay CEO and inexperienced train wreck, Meg Whitman, who is working her butt off to buy the election. On the other side we’ve got lifelong politician, Jerry Brown, who seems to conveniently hop from political office to political office every four years.

I honestly haven’t spent a ton of time researching their plans for California but I know based on Meg Whitman’s attack ads that she has no idea what she actually wants to do. And I know based on Jerry Brown’s lack of attention spent on the Bay Area that he’s taking us all for granted.

Regardless, I’m naturally attracted to the basic values and beliefs of Democratic candidates. And given that Jerry Brown is a huge supporter of gay marriage, I obviously gravitate toward him.

So, to protest Meg Whitman’s ridiculously deep pockets, I recently decided to throw some money Jerry Brown’s way. Not a huge amount but just trying to show a little support. I hopped online to make a donation and also decided to buy a couple pieces of merchandise to show my support… a window sign, a magnet and a button… totaling less than $20 with $5 for shipping.

A few days later I got a very large package delivered to work and had no idea what could be in such a big box. I hadn’t done any online shopping lately. No clothing purchases. No new shoes. No camping gear. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box up and realized that the three very small Jerry Brown items I purchased are packed inside this inappropriately oversized box. I couldn’t help but think about how this huge faux pas reflected on Jerry Brown’s campaign. Wasted shipping, wasted dollars, wasted packing materials, waste waste waste.

We might be screwed we either of these candidates.

One response to “Jerry Brown, I have my doubts

  1. I vote to not vote for either! But if you twist my arm I guess I would have to go with the recycled Jerry Brown 😉

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