Ready for the big leagues

After a handful of 5k, 10k, 12k races and three half marathons over the last year and a half I have decided to take a leap into the big leagues and signed up for my first marathon. I’m officially registered for the California International Marathon in Sacramento on December 5. Exactly 19 weeks away!

I picked the CIM because Dave has done it twice (quite successfully) and I ran a leg of the relay last year and found it to be pretty enjoyable. It’s downhill (starts at about 300 feet and ends at sea level), draws a good size field (about 7,000 runners), and has a pretty good turn out of supporters and fans. It’s also good timing… I’ve got 3 months to train and I’ll be training during the best weather in San Francisco. It’s not the most scenic race but overall I think it’s a good fit for my first.

While I’ll obviously be running just to finish, I have to set a goal for myself and am currently assessing. Right now I’m thinking 4:10, but that might be a little ambitious. We’ll see how training goes and I’ll adjust if necessary.

Dave and Katie are registered too so it should be a fun weekend in Sacramento!

3 responses to “Ready for the big leagues

  1. Yay! I signed up for email alerts from Could I have Been, and received my first one just now – yay! Based on your recent FB updates and the above it sounds like you’ve gone absolutely running mad. Brilliant. Good luck with training! Hope you won’t get sore nipples. X

  2. Way to awesome, so so proud of you!

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