The almost accidental marathon

This weekend Brian and I participated in a 6-hour endurance race at Pinole Point Recreational Shoreline called the Dirty (Half) Dozen.  My strategy going in was to run/walk/run/walk the 5k loop for the 6 hours, definitely no intention of trying to run the whole 6 hours. My goal was 24 miles, with a little more than half of those being from running. During the last hour and a half I was doing all sorts of mathmatical equations in my head trying to figure out how many 5k loops I had to do in the remaining time and then if I could squeeze on any of the smaller loops they had set up in case you didn’t have time to finish a full 5k in the last 20 minutes or so. Anyway, I realized if I did 8 big loops and 2 small loops (.7 miles) I could get to exactly 26.2 miles – marathon distance. I wasn’t sure I had enough time but I went for it.

It wasn’t easy but I powered through and I made it. I ran a marathon distance and I wasn’t even planning on it. (Even though I wouldn’t really count it since I ran so much and took so long.)

I went to check my final time and to my surprise, found out I only ran 26.1 miles! Turns out the small loop wasn’t .7 it was .65 and I didn’t know! Doh.

Oh well, like I said I didn’t really want to count it anyway. Next up: SF Half Marathon in a week!

One response to “The almost accidental marathon

  1. you’re amazing and I’m so proud you completed this! I want to do it with you guys next time!

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