4th of July in SF

Every 4th of July that we’re in town, Dave and I venture out into the madness that is our neighborhood for fireworks on the waterfront. Cars start looking for parking at like 2 PM and many get stuck in traffic at 9:30 PM when the fireworks start. The thing we always forget (we’re usually away on a weekend vacation) when we do stick around for the holiday is that San Francisco is one of the worst places in the world for 4th of July fireworks because of the inevitable summer….. FOG.

We hoofed it up to Telegraph Hill this year only to discover that you could only see the bottom half of the fireworks display due to fog over the Bay. Oops.

After 5 years we’ve finally realized, that as sad as it is to admit, San Francisco is not a very great 4th of July city. I’d take a Midwest 4th of July over this any year.

3 responses to “4th of July in SF

  1. Awww, come to Maine next year! We can take the boat out on the water and watch the fireworks from there!

  2. Great photo – you? I think all the best places to see it our back East > Washington, D.C. and New York.

  3. I heart San Francisco… fog or not.

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