Here we go again

Fresh on the heels of the public shaming of the crazy woman on the flight from GEG to SFO that basically refused to turn her mobile phone off during takeoff, we have another guilty rule breaker.

On a flight returning to SFO from JFK, a young and annoying girl next to me blatantly ignored two or three requests by the flight attendant over the intercom to turn off all portable electronic devices. This time no one with authority noticed. She played with her phone right through take off until she lost service, at which point she defeatedly put it away. I was so tempted to tell her she needed to turn it off but I hate confrontation, especially with bratty girls I don’t know.

Instead, I will out her and all other future offenders on this blog:

2 responses to “Here we go again

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  2. This is hilarious. I have to admit I’ve been her before…but I’m trying to detatch myself a bit. Maybe it’s because my bro is a pilot and told me there is no reason I have to turn it off other than a desire for people to focus on the safety message.

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