Why is it so hard to follow the rules?

We were flying back to Oakland from Spokane and noticed a quirky woman sitting across the aisle from us. We were flying Southwest so, as you probably know, it was open seating. She was sitting in an aisle seat and was trying to get pairs to sit next to her and fill the middle and window seat. I told Dave she either was trying to make friends or she was trying to recruit normal people to avoid getting stuck next to a couple freaks. The latter strategy, if true, being quite admirable.

But as it turns out SHE was the freak.

As soon as the flight attendant announced that it was time to shut down electronic devices she proceeded to turn hers on. She plugged in her heinous looking Blackberry earbuds and started scrolling through her Blackberry music library which probably holds 50 songs. Dave and I obviously noticed all this and started to glare at her (me more than Dave). I was hoping she would glance over so I could scold her (I really was going to), but she never did. She sat through the safety announcements trying to slyly put in her earbuds. Everytime a flight attendant looked out from the front of the plane she’d yank them out of her ears in attempt to not get caught.

Eventually a flight attendant doing safety rounds noticed her Blackberry was on and told her to shut it down. Of course she explained that it was on airplane mode and of course the attendant told her that it had to be shut all the way down (like anyone who has ever flown once in their life knows).

She obliged and the flight attendant went back to rounds. Of course you can already guess that she didn’t actually turn it off. She just put it in standby or sleep mode and as soon as we took off she started listening to her music.

Seriously, what is wrong with people!

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