Hello Dockers!We were getting ready for Michelle’s wedding Wednesday night and Dave went into his closet to pick out a suit to wear to the ceremony. He grabbed a khaki suit that he used to wear all the time in Michigan — one that he thought was rather trendy and spring season-like. Coincidentally, I have the same suit but haven’t fit into the pants for four years so I certainly haven’t touched it.

Anyway, he pulled out the suit and realized that the pants are… PLEATED. Imagine our shock and horror when we realized we both used to wear wear pants with PLEATS. If you had asked us when the last time was that we wore pleated pants, I think we both would have said, “not since I was in 7th grade.” But no, it was actually like six years ago! We were fashion-senseless Midwesterner boys and we never knew it.           until now.

One response to “Pleats

  1. Pleated pants!? What were you guys thinking?
    (note to self: leave pleated pants at home this weekend).

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