Team sports

My coworker Brian and I joined a 9-ball pool league with 2 colleagues (that we didn’t really know prior to getting their company wide bulletin board post looking for new team members). Turns out they’re both really cool, as are the other 2 members of our team. Also turns out Brian and I are absolutely awful at 9-ball pool. Out of the five of us that played, three won and two lost. Brian and I were the two losers. I got beat 38-8. Not good. Kind of embarrassing. But our captain (and coworker) encouraged us to stick it out and we ended up paying league dues and are officially out (coincidentally our team name is Stick it… or maybe not coincidentally). The social aspect was definitely fun (despite having to trek out to the OUTER Sunset for our “away games”) but I think more than anything I think I just want to prove to myself that I can commit to a weekly activity (I’m not good with that sort of ongoing commitment). So I think it will be good for me.

Sidenote: My family had a pool table in our basement while I was growing up and I always used to play around (aka toss balls around, break pool cues, decorate my sisters dolls with pool chalk). All this gave me a false sense of pool pride, because like I said above, I was much more awful than I anticipated. Practice makes perfect however, and Brian and I are committed to improving. Stand by and wish us luck!

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