All for fun. Fun for all.

I was roaming around Safeway the other day and stopped to admire the giant wall of Pop Tarts. Have you ever realized how many flavors there are? Blueberry, Strawberry, Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Standard breakfast flavors, sure. Kind like pancakes or waffles. But have you ever realized how many unhealthy (and frankly, unappetizing) flavors there are? Wild Grape, Frosted Chocolate Fudge, Frosted Strawberry Milkshake? I started to ask myself, who is letter their kids eat these things everyday!

And then I remembered… oh right, my parents! Our house growing up was fully stocked with Pop Tarts galore. It was our go-to breakfast for at least 10 years straight. With each Pop Tart clocking in at approximately 200 calories, it’s no wonder my sister and I have such healthy default eating habits!

(My favorite flavor was S’Mores… mmMMMmm!)

4 responses to “All for fun. Fun for all.

  1. S’more pop tarts are manna from heaven.

  2. nick kreeger

    I’ve always been a big fan of the Toaster Strudel…

  3. FROSTED CHOCOLATE FUDGE was totes my favorite!!!! (Thanks mom.)

  4. I grew up eating Pop Tarts as well because they were quick and easy. But what’s odd is that I was allowed to eat them…my Mom was a dental hygienist for a while and she wouldn’t let us eat sugary cereals or chew sugary gum…but we ate Pop Tarts…bizarre, right?

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