Derek’s first 10k

I ran my first 10k last weekend. It was sort of a trail run around Lake Chabot (half paved, half trail). I knew there was gone to be some peculiar elevation gain but I had been running 9-10 miles in recent training runs so figured I could handle it. Turns out the elevation gain was about 600 ft over the course of a mile – as Paula Abdul would say it was straight up, now tell me. Pretty much everyone was walking up that bad boy… we all tried running at certain points but realized you could walk just as fast and there’s nothing worse than getting passed by someone walking when you are trying to run. My goal was to finish in under an hour but that was without really know how challenging the elevation change was, so my time of 1:05 wasn’t too disappointing.

Next up is the Kaiser Half Marathon on February 7, my first half. Excited!

One response to “Derek’s first 10k

  1. First Half!! Yey!! You’re gonna do great, the course is super fast!

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