2009 in Photos

Snow shoeing in Tahoe with Nicole and Meagan

Hiking in Marin with Booger

Jared and Dave at Maggie's birthday

Giant's game for Lindsey's birthday with Katie

Backpacking Wawona area in Yosemite

Benny Benassi with Lindsey and Katie

Number one dance parter, Katie

Backpacking Smith Peak with Jack and Dave

Atop Smith Peak in Yosemite

Playa del Carmen with Jaime for Stephanie's wedding

Anne's camping birthday

Go karting for Joy's birthday

Another night at Bootie for Joy's birthday

Summer outing in Livermore Valley with Racepoint

Atop Mt. Whitney with friends

Mt. Whitney complete

Meagan and Kersti in town with Marcelo

Being very American with Kersti at a Giants game

Raymond and Marcelo

Atop Half Dome with Dave and my Dad

Pretty Lights with Katie and Lindsey

Wine tasting in the Carneros with Jaime

Katie's Black & Blue birthday with Lindsey

With Meagan ❤ at Katie's birthday

Chicago Marathoners

Dinner with friends in Chicago

Kaskade with Lindsey and Katie

Thanksgiving at Joy's with Dave and Lola

Backpacking in Point Reyes with Dave and Jonas

Point Reyes beach shot over Thanksgiving with Nick

3 responses to “2009 in Photos

  1. Loves it! You are so photogenic.

  2. Love this so much!! I might do the same on my bloggity blog.

  3. side note: totes agree with Linds. You ARE uber-photogenic, D.

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