Cigarette butts = litter

cigaretteDear smokers,

I do my best to stay out of your life and refrain from complaining about your unhealthy habit. You pollute my personal space, but I walk away or keep my disgust to myself. However, there is one thing that many of you do that I just can’t deal with anymore.

You throw your cigarette butts on the ground like it’s no big deal.

Newsflash… that’s littering!

What on earth  makes you think you can just toss your cancer stick remnants anywhere and everywhere you please? Do you really think it’s someone else’s responsibility to clean those up? Do you not realize it’s taxpayer money going to clean the streets? Do you also think it’s okay to spit your gum on the ground, throw candy wrappers in the street and leave newspapers sitting on  park benches?

What are you thinking???

Seriously. Are you really that blissfully ignorant?

If you need more information on how awful this habit of yours is or if you need further shaming, please visit

In the meantime, please stop littering.

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