Tourism just took an interesting turn…

My sister was in town with her friend Megan this weekend and I was tasked with playing tour guide for the 324th time since moving to San Francisco 4.3 years ago. Jaime has been to SF a half dozen times so she’s done it all. Megan had never been to San Francisco (not even Calif.), so she hadn’t done or seen anything. So of course I had to find some sort of balance. I wanted to show Jaime things she hadn’t seen before but still show Megan some memorable and worthy sites.

So instead of potentially scarring them for life with a visit to the Folsom Street Fair on Sunday, Dave and I slapped together a fun little agenda: the Point Bonita Lighthouse, the Marine Mammal Center and………. the Presidio Pet Cemetery! If I might say so myself, a unique little trio of activities. If you’ve never been to any of the above, you should definitely put them on your to-do list. (What can I say, I’m pretty good at this tour guide stuff.)

The Presidio Pet Cemetery was particularly bizarre. I don’t know how many of you loyal readers out there have been to a pet cemetery before but there is something uniquely strange, comforting and interesting about them. Unfortunately it seems like the maintenance and upkeep at the Presidio Pet Cemetery is on the decline. They’ve recently chopped down a bunch of trees and it seems like there has been a lot of damage to the plot markers. All of that aside, it’s still a place worth checking out and wandering through.

photo photo 2

photo 5 photo 3

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