Should I be embarassed?

Ever wonder what it looks like to see a 26 year old get passed by what would appear to be a 7 year old during a 5k? Well wonder no more:

No shame

3 responses to “Should I be embarassed?

  1. Hey man….at least you are running..

    And seriously, kids run ALL day. He trains without even knowing he is training.

  2. For reals. Plus, he’s lacking all that extra testosterone you’ve got constantly pulsing through yer veins.

  3. Well man, shit happens. =)

    At least you can put one foot in front of the other without flopping over.

    The kid is a fly weight, hence it takes less muscular strength and stamina to fly past you.

    Either that, or he has one of those super-moms-that-feed-you-nutella-every-morning.

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