LOTW: Links of the week #11

Look at me, posting links of the week on Friday! Here you go:

  • Ugh. LOTW FAIL already. I wanted to embed a YouTube video of a song I am currently obsessed with. Bulletproof by La Roux. They disabled embedding for it though so you’ll have to go directly to the YouTube site to watch/listen. I kind of want her hair (in the video, not below).

  • How do you feel about The Onion? Sometimes I think it’s silly. Sometimes I think it’s funny. Here’s an example of when I think it’s pretty funny:

  • Ok, we’ve covered off on funny, what’s next… creepy? I’ve got it covered. Check out these über weird photoshopped pictures of celebrities with their faces on upside down.  (Click through below for more.)

  • Did you love Mrs. Doubtfire? Yes. Did you think Mrs. Doubtfire was a little creepy? Yes. If you watch this video below of the Mrs. Doubtfire movie preview being recut will you think it’s even more creppy? Yes.

  • Ok I covered creepy twice, but whatever. Last but not least this week is ridiculous. Pure ridiculousness. (yeah yeah, I secretly want one.) My favorite line? “It extends your reach a full 18 inches!” Where do you need to reach with that is 18 inches away? There are many other great moments… including the big guy.. and the old lady. ENJOY!

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