As good as dead

From this day forward I’d like to openly and endlessly volunteer my copy editing services to the San Francisco Chronicle. No, I’m not a trained editor or an educated journalist, but I do know how to spot basic and critical typos in current event stories.

I’ve heard coworkers joke and poke fun at the Chronicle over and over about all the typos they find, but I usually just shrug it off… we all make mistakes, eh? But I couldn’t help but be all but flabbergasted when I read their front page, lead story today on the two Current TV journalists sentenced to prison in North Korea. See visuals below.

Look closer
Lisa Ling?! Try Laura Ling. Lisa is a journalist, yes (as seen on Oprah, The View, National Geographic Explorer and CNN), but she is not the one in prison in North Korea. She’s in the public eye right now trying to help her sister, but she is not Laura.  Ugh. Seriously?

Get it together!

One response to “As good as dead

  1. …and to think that you gave up the Banner for this…

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