LOTW: Links of the week #10

It’s been forever since I did a LOTW post. Me so solly. Without further ado:

  • Oh dear. Is this real? A delusional but hard-core wrestling fan.

  • This is old, but if you  haven’t seen it, it’s still funny. Popeye’s in upstate NY ran out of chicken and their patrons when bonkers.

  • Cute, cute, cuteness at Cute Overload. Click-thru to see what happens with the puppies next.

  • More cuteness. Nothing to click-thru to. Just this one.

  • We never did family photos growing up, but if we did, they most certainly would have ended up on the Awkward Family Photos blog.

  • Ok. Dis be a little bit dorky. I admit it’s not that amazing, but I declare it as 25 seconds of decent entertainment.

  • So you hate the cockatiels? Need something REALLY amazing. Hokay, watch this.

  • Going through American Idol withdrawal? Will a little Katharine McPhee help fill the void? And a homeless woman?

  • And last but not least, a little wildlife/nature amaziness to round it all out. Did you ever see this? I don’t know why or how Raymond remembered this video but he did.

One response to “LOTW: Links of the week #10

  1. They shuda had a tracta trailah out back fulla chicken on ICE.

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