LOTW: Links of the week #8

Ok I’ve been bad for the last few Fridays. No link love. But have no fear. I have been compiling good links and am ready to share now.

  • Cute kid + dead fish + funny parents + YouTube =

  • Speaking of people that shouldn’t have babies… here’s a site devoted to all the annoying people on Facebook that won’t stop posting about having babies. You know the ones. STFU!

  • Ok enough redneck. Who remembers David after the Dentist? Did you know David has a cousin… Chad? Chad Vader. He went to the dentist too. He’s pretty funny.

  • Do you have a disability that gives you the right to sit in a designated, reserved seat on public transporation? And do you get really annoyed when visibily abled people sit in one of those seats? Oh, you don’t have a disability? But you still get annoyed with these people? Me too. And so does the person that started this blog. Note: sometimes the captions are funnier than the pictures themselves.

  • The Queen of the Universe Beauty Pageant is the most fabulous thing you’ve probably never heard of. A place where beautiful “women” gather together and compete for the title of true beauty. Or… something like that. Or…. nothing like that. My dream is to go to the 2009 pageant. Hint hint friends… P.S. Raymond, where the f did you find this?

  • And finally. Some really cool pictures from Earth Hour around the world on March 28, 2009 (see it really has been a long time) courtesy of the Big Picture. Note: the photos are shown BEFORE Earth Hour. if you click on the photo, it gives you a view during Earth Hour (it took me a minute to get this.)

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