LOTW: Links of the week #7

After a down week last week, I have a decent collection of links to share with the world this week. Hope you enjoy.

  • As I write this post it’s friggin gorgeous out. Spring has certainly arrived and Boston.com’s Big Picture has got it covered.

  • I irregularly check out Pundit Kitchen for funny lolcat-style political captions… here’s one I liked this week:

  • Hadn’t heard much about Spike Jonze’s upcoming (kinda) adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are but the trailer was released this week and it’s worth checking out. (Source: Raymond)

  • This just in… Microsoft takes a pretty effective stab at undercutting Apple with its new commercials. Not bad.

  • For any American Idol fans out there I have two worthy  links to share. First, curious about how past winners and past contestants have fared on the charts and how they compare? I have you covered here. Second, curious about how Kelly Clarkson has evolved over the years? I have you covered here.

  • If you love Manatees, then I probably love you. If anyone needs a little cheering up, give the gift of a floppy baby manatee.

  • Our office has a recent obsession with aardvarks and anteaters. Someone else out there apparently has an obsession with getting anteaters wasted.

  • And last but not least… after multiple tries Marcelo finally makes a contribution to LOTW this week. Video from one of the most ridiculous city council meetings ever. Gotta head over to the HuffPo to see for yourself.

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