New muzak

I’ve been on a new music discovery kick the last few weeks (not necessarily newly released but new to me), surfing around all the new “social music” sites that have sprung up the last few years. Not sure who might like this stuff (mostly alternative/pop/electronic) but I thought I’d share. Best place to check it out for yourself is probably either imeem or

You can find some of these songs on a fun 8tracks mix I made recently. Go here to listen.

2 responses to “New muzak

  1. Meagan McCrystle

    Um, I would like a mix CD of your new fave music so I can listen, mkay? Also, check out the Concert Vault iPhone App, they’ve got some good radio stations….sort of like Pandora, but a little different…

  2. REALLY DIFFERENT Michael Jackson was one of the first people to be an afciarn american and appear on MTV or VH1 with Billie Jean Music would be really different no Usher, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown etc. Pop Culture wouldn’t be the same . Michael Jackson didn’t just influence Pop culture he influenced humanity with Heal the World foundation , and We Are The World USA FOR AFRICA No One will every be the same .. ( R.I.P MJ)

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