LOTW: Links of the week #4

It was a shorter work week than usual but that doesn’t mean I didn’t accumulate high quality interwebz content to share with all my loyal readers.

  • If I were to recognize a one link as thee link of the week, the roast baby would surely win this week. Will someone please have a dinner party and make one of these? (Source: Marcelo)

  • One of the best online videos I’ve seen in a long time. Keywords: dancing, good music, fun. What can I do for 100 days? (Source: Kevin Rose, meh.) It’s from vimeo so I can’t embed. Boo. Go anyway.
  • Have you ever missed a flight and weren’t sure how to react? Here’s your answer. Go ape shit. (Source:  Jaime)

  • Need to waste at least 5 minutes and have a voyeuristic fetish of watching people sleep or be crazy on public transportation? Here you go. (Source: Joy)

  • Do you get freaked out camping and sleeping outdoors in California because of a fear of bears? Get the Sleeping Bear Bag and fear no more.


  • Ridiculously cute baby meerkats at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney:

One response to “LOTW: Links of the week #4

  1. Margaret

    were all those subway pictures taken in san fran? if so, scary…

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