Decision 2009: The polls are open

Proposition Freestar

There is a new development in the case for Proposition Freestar. (Familiarize yourself with Prop F.)

Just hours before polls were set to open last night, the election commission (me) learned from an unreliable source (Lindsey) that the Ford Explorer was sold on Saturday (to a cop, no less).

The good news is that Lindsey hasn’t handed the title over. Meaning, if enough votes are cast there may still be time to convince Lindsey to bail on the cop (bad karma I know, but this is important), grovel at the feet of the Freestar owner (for being so foolish and turning down the offer) and make the trade happen after all.

The polls are poll is open until 5 PM PT | 8 PM ET. Vote early and vote often. (yes, often… I never said this was a democracy.)

One response to “Decision 2009: The polls are open

  1. Where is the vote for “I wish I had as much appearent free time as you.”?

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