LOTW: Links of the Week #2

While I did have an extremely productive week , I also found time to enjoy some great interwebz content.

  • As you may remember in last week’s LOTW, I included a link to the Huffington Post poll for “Hottest Congressional Freshman.” I’m happy to report that hottie Aaron Schock from Illinois was crowned the winner! In an ironic turn of events, today I was contacted by Rep. Schock’s director of communications who inquired about participating in Digg Dialogg. (I secured and organized Leader John Boehner for the most recent Digg Dialogg.)

  • Hellz yeah Ashley Judd, you go on ripping Sarah Palin a new one. Check out her great PSA for the wolves and the bears of Alaska (you gotta say it like Palin). But whatever you do, don’t watch Elisabeth Hasslbeck’s reaction.

  • A blog I check out regularly is that of a pug owner in Florida. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, just a daily chronicle of life with four pugs. It’s usually good for some cute pictures. The most recent post, however, took things to a new level. Apparently the owner prepares a special diet for their pugs and actually prepares all their meals a month at a time. Check it out here.
  • Want random YouTube? Here you go. I heart Jerry and his ability to occupy himself for hours on end. (Source: Dave)

  • Ok, when I say random YouTube, it’s most likely going to be random cute animal YouTube. Here’s another one that I love. (Source: icanhazcheezburger)

  • Craving some disturbing yet interesting medical news? Or maybe just craving having your kidney removed through your vagina? No, I’m not kidding. Favorite excerpt from the story: “A kidney weighs approximately one pound and is roughly the size of a clenched hand.” A clenched hand… did you really just say clenched hand in this story? (Source: Raymond)
  • And (almost) last but not least, perhaps the most popular link from our office this week… Humorous video of a young boy flyin’ high on somethin’ good from the dentist. (Source: Marcelo)

  • And hell, why not a dance remix version?

One response to “LOTW: Links of the Week #2

  1. You realize your hot congressman is a GOPer, right?


    How did Elisabeth Hasselback get on Teevee?

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