LOTW: Links of the Week #1

My favorite internet finds for the week of January 26 (Happy Birthday Mom!):

  • If more people had a duck in their life, maybe we wouldn’t be all mad at each other.

  • Barack and Michelle are very affectionate…. VERY… affectionate.
  • Think you want a snuggie or a slanket? Think again. You want this. (Source: Lindsey S.)

  • Do you like a nice bronze tan, but don’t want skin cancer? Write the FDA and urge them to approve this. (Source: Lindsey S.)

  • More snuggie humor:  (Source: Marcelo)
  • If you are at least 20 (best age range is between 23 and 37, I’d say), then watch this for a laugh and to feel old: (Source: Joy)

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