Oscar Watch: Doubt

Midweek movie time! The Reader or Doubt… The Reader or Doubt… Doubt it is.

  • doubt_poster2Doubt: Oh Meryl Streep, how I love you. Philip Seymour Hoffman… I didn’t used to like you, but you’ve grown on me over the years and now I love you too. Great acting, no surprise. The movie? Pretty good. What did I find questionable.. yet again?… the ending. I wish it were stronger. Granted it was very important to the whole point of the movie and adapted from the play, I’m sure… but it left me a little less than satisfied. It could have ended about 30 seconds before it did, and I would have almost loved the movie. I just didn’t buy it. Go see it so you can understand what I’m saying here people. Other small things? I didn’t love Amy Adams and I thought a Viola Davis was good… for the whole 4 minutes she was in the movie…but Golden Globe nomination… really? Good movie. I love you Meryl. B+

For the most part, my reviews come out in isolation from one another. The ratings I give don’t really have anything behind them. But now that I’ve seen a handful of Oscar-time movies I am starting to compare and contrast a little. Here is my rank order… not taking account into the ratings I gave them… and not looking back at my “review.”

  • The Wrestler
  • Doubt
  • Frost/Nixon
  • Slumdog Millionaire
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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