Oscar Watch: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

We made it a two-in-one weekend last night, here’s my take:

  • thecuriouscaseofbenjaminbutton_poster1aThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button: I walked out of this movie thinking… “gosh that reminded me a lot of Forrest Gump…” Only later did I learn that the guy that adapted this screenplay also did Forrest Gump. This movie has all the elements of a great one… great actors with great acting, amazing make up and costumes, the fascinating technical stuff behind the whole reverse aging thing, great cinematography… and a pretty good story based on a great author (F. Scott Fitzgerald). Overall I think it all pretty much came together. It took me a while to figure out why I didnt *love* the movie and eventually I realized I think for me to really love a movie it has to be realistic. I think I’ve created a Million Dollar Baby standard based on this and I think this is also the reason I didn’t love Slumdog Millionaire. It’s a drama but it could never really happen… so it’s almost more a fantasty, right? (Think about how Forrest Gump was moving… but at the same time not realistic.)Anyway, I do highly recommend this movie, especially if you aren’t one of those people that grunts over 3 hour films. The highlight of the film was the Brad Pitt transformation from old to young. (If you don’t already know, he is born old and then ages backward.) It almost felt like a climactic point in the movie, at about hour 2, when the reverse aging put him at the perfectly beautiful version of Brad Pitt that we are all obsessed with today. Anyway… it’s a long ass movie so I could ramble on forever. But I won’t. Go see it and tell me what you think. B

3 responses to “Oscar Watch: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

  1. annatestadoro

    I have to agree with you, I didn’t love it. Exactly for the same reasons you mentioned. It’s just too longwinded and it does seem like it was already done in Forrest Gump, but obviously the other way around.

  2. I didn’t mind the length, but I waited to go see it until I was absolutely in the mood for a 3 hour movie. (New Year’s Day). Once before I was going to see it, but didn’t want a 3 hour movie that night, so I saw Doubt instead.

    I liked Benjamin Button a lot, and it made me cry pretty majorly toward the middle and the end. I think that was because I’m very affected by movies that show love in a very true sense: It may last a lifetime but that doesn’t mean the people involved always stay together and stay happy.

    I loved how beautiful it was, and Cate’s performance.

    The thing that prevented me from absolutely loving the movie was Brad Pitt’s performance. I thought it was good, but it could have been so much better. Maybe it was the script, but he just seemed pretty unaffected by the fact that he was aging backwards. It would have been a better movie to me if there was some focus on how painful and hard his life must have been at times.

  3. i was pleasantly surprised to find out that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the short story upon which Benjamin Button (the movie) was based, then mention this in the opening credits

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