Oscar Watch: Slumdog, Frost/Nixon, Wrestler

So I’ve seen three of what I would consider a dozen or so Oscar-time movies that are currently on my to-see list: Slumdog Millionaire, Frost/Nixon and The Wrestler. A few years ago, Emily W. and I saw just about every movie nominated for Best Picture and those movies in which the Best Actress and Best Actor nominees were in. It was the year Million Dollar Baby won Best Picture (2004, I think), which I absolutely loved… it’s an odd choice of movie to be a favorite because it’s so dark but it’s at the top of my list, no doubt.

Anyway, I’m not a movie critic and I doubt anyone wants to read mini novels discussing my thoughts but I have a few comments on what I’ve seen so far.

  • slumdogmillionaire_posterSlumdog Millionaire – I liked it a lot. I loved learning more about India and Indian culture. I thought the cinematography was amazing and beautiful. I mostly liked the screenplay… although it was a little predictable (which I think was somewhat intentional). However, I saw it a little late in the game, much later than I wanted and I feel like it’s getting a little over hyped. And I don’t necessarily mean it’s getting hype it doesn’t deserve but it’s one of those things where you don’t like things as much as you should once it goes mainstream. (I know a lot of people like this with music… no matter how good the band is and now matter how much the person once liked the band, once the average person likes the band, the original fan will turn their back on the band.) I am doing this with Slumdog. Ooops, sorry. B
  • frostnixon_posterFrost/Nixon – I knew nothing about the Frost interviews going into this movie, had never even heard of them in fact. Honestly, I didn’t even really know that much about Nixon. I’m always down for learning about history, so I liked this movie. Ron Howard is a brilliant director. The pace was perfect, acting was great… Frank Langella should be winning more awards in my opinion. Plus, I love Sam Rockwell. A-
  • thewrestler_posterThe Wrestler – I don’t want to even allude to anything that would spoil the ending… and I don’t think this will but… this type of ending… is quickly becoming over done. That’s all I’m going to say. Over. done. I thought the movie was a little bit predictable at times. Overall I likes it but as times goes by I seem to like it more. Mickey Rourke was great… Marisa Tomei was a hot momma. Actually, I thought she was too hot for the role. Chemistry between her and The Ram was questionable. At the end of the day, I left this one a little unsatisfied. I didn’t love the screenplay, especially the daughter part… predicatable and unsatisfiying. B+

One response to “Oscar Watch: Slumdog, Frost/Nixon, Wrestler

  1. Million Dollar Baby.

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