29 Days of Giving: Day 26 – The gift of patience

This might sound ridiculous and Lindsey will most certainly roll her eyes, but yesterday I gave the gift of patience to United Airlines and O’Hare airport. Three cancelled flight and, three standby lists, I kept my cool while taking 13 hours getting from SFO to GRR via ORD, and was thankful and courteous to those I interacted with. I am a realistic person so I can accept flight nightmares. As I saw yesterday, in the hell that was O’Hare, others most certainly can not.

My favorite passenger was one I sat next to while waiting in standby line #2 (for a flight that was eventually cancelled). She was headed to Moline (wherever the f that is) and was justa huffin’ and puffin’ for about 30 minites and how mistreated she was and how she was determined to get her money back, whether she had to take United to court or not.

Just for fun, let’s shame her and post her picture below.

2 responses to “29 Days of Giving: Day 26 – The gift of patience

  1. Margaret

    OMG. shamed her! that’s hilarious…hahahaha.

  2. Okay just because you shamed her that means that the patience bit (which was questionable to begin with) gets cancelled out!

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