29 Days of Giving: Day 14 – Helping a stranger with lymphoedemia

This morning I was browsing 29gifts.org looking for some new ideas for giving. Each month 29gifts.org chooses one organization or cause for the community to rally around and support. Back in October, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they chose to support Elysia Skye. At 24, Elysia had to have a double mastectomy and a bunch of lymph nodes removed due to breast cancer. Up until last month, she suffered from lymphoedemia in her right arm. She needed to raise $30,000 to pay for a little-known surgery to correct the lymphoedemia. Of course, her insurance company wouldn’t pay for it because they conveniently considered it “experimental.” For that reason, the 29gifts community rallied around her to raise money for her surgery. She had the surgery on November 11, but since she unfortunately didn’t raise the full $30,000 then, I figure she can still use my donation. Read more about Elysia and her organization here.

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