29 Days of Giving: Day 10 – Helpin’ kids fly

I am pretty committed to United and its frequent flier program – to the point now that I’ll pay a little extra just to fly with them and earn miles. Northwest is my secondary carrier, mainly because it’s who I usually fly back to Michigan with. All the other carriers however, I don’t really care about and don’t really garner any miles. Every now and then, I’ll fly a random carrier like American or Virgin and accumulate a handful of miles that I know will never amount to anything.

The random 2,365 American Airline miles I had sitting around went to good use tonight, as I donated them to Miles for Kids in Need. The Miles for Kids in Need program provides support for children and their families. Last year, fliers donated more than 30 million of their miles to help provide transportation to more than 500 kids through the program.

Miles for Kids

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