Coming Monday… Shuffle and Share

I’ve acquired this weird obsession lately, when listening to music on my iPhone, of putting my entire library on shuffle and letting it run. For the most part I either enjoy the songs that come up or skip immediately because they’re bad and embarrassing. Every now and then however, I’ll get a fun, forgotten surprise. A great song I haven’t heard in a long time, one that I used to be obsessed with or perhaps a random goody that someone gave to me that I never actually added to a playlist.

I’m not sure if anyone else out there enjoys music library roulette every once and a while, but I thought it might be fun to get a bunch of people to do it and create a place to post fun, forgotten finds. So, I’ve officially invented Put Your Entire Library on Shuffle and Discover Fun, Forgotten Music Day.

Ideally I would have given myself more time to promote this great, upcoming day, but given the fact Thanksgiving is right around the corner and people are traveling (and also because I can’t hold this in until December), I think Monday, November 24 is the best day to kick this off. So, on Monday I’ll put up a blog post officially launching Put Your Entire Library on Shuffle and Discover Fun, Forgotten Music Day and I hope, as you’re listening to your shuffled library over the course of the day, you’ll come post fun, forgotten finds in the comment section. Please, don’t jump the gun and shuffle after reading this. Resist the urge and wait until Monday. Otherwise you defeat the purpose of this and will make me feel like the hour I spent creating the logo was all for nothing.

So, come back Monday and let’s do it. Oh, and spread the word! Send people to this page to get the skinny, post the logo on your facebook page, tweet the link… anything, just do it!

2 responses to “Coming Monday… Shuffle and Share

  1. How exciting. If only every day were as fun as “Put Your Entire Library on Shuffle and Discover Fun, Forgotten Music Day.”

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