Wanna give stuff away with me?

29-Day Giving Challenge

Today I found out about the 29-day Giving Challenge. I don’t know much about where it came from aside from what the woman says in the short video on the website, but it feels like a great addition to my growing list of quarter-life crisis initiatives. Not only is it the perfect thing to do to give back and remind me what’s really important around Holiday time but the experiences I gain should supply me with some fun and interesting things to blog about for 29 days. (The gist is: you give something away, everyday, for 29 days. Pretty simple. There are no rules (because let’s face it, who is going to enforce them) so you can give away money, food, flowers, a compliment, clothes or maybe just a smile.)

I haven’t decided if I’m going to start on Thanksgiving (because it turns out, if you start then, the 29th day is Christmas – how fitting) or on December 1st, since I may be backpacking for the four days of Thanksgiving break (which will make for four hard days of quality giving). Either way, I’m going to start on one of those days and when I do, I plan to blog about my experiences here. Anyone want to join me?

4 thoughts on “Wanna give stuff away with me?

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    can any one make a difference

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